Blog post number 2! But more like number one because number one was.....not even a sentence long.

Soo....Here we have a blank slate, blank page, etc. A bit frustrating as there is nothing of interest going on right now that i could post about. So I've decided to kick things off with a playlist. There's no particular theme that ties these songs together aside from the fact that they're all current favorites of mine.

Audience of One - Cold War Kids
Cannibal Resource - Dirty Projectors
Lovelife - Girls
Catholicked - Dum Dum Girls
Home - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Marrow - St. Vincent
Lithium (Live at Reading) - Nirvana

I'm on thanksgiving vacation which is great. Except, I'm probably going to be cooped up in the house the entire time because most of my friends are still in school. This gives me some time to make an effort to be creatively productive. It also gives me an opportunity to sit on the couch and watch Wes Anderson movies. I'm hoping I'll spend most of my time with the former. While all of this free time will be marvelous, it's also a little annoying because since I probably won't leave the house, I have no outfits to post pictures of. :/ Which I was looking forward to.

I'm supposed to go shopping though, for something to wear for Thanksgiving. So maybe something will come of that. I'm hoping to get the new velvet bodycon dress from American Apparel (seen below) and some rad shoes. *crosses fingers* I've also become dangerously obsessed with this velour colorblocked raglan - also from AA. I keep envisioning myself wearing and I get giddy. A simple article of clothing should not excite me this much. Especially a sweatshirt. A sweatshirt. Anyway, I'm hoping I can get a job at the local American Apparel and capitalize on the employee benefits. And if they're not hiring then..... Well, I'll be needing a plan B.

- A

PS. I got new glasses this week and I am so pleased with them! I suppose I'll post a picture of them on here as time allows.


  1. What is "home" from? I've heard it before...

  2. hmm I don't know. Perhaps you just heard it on a blog or something?