Oh hey there.

Life is good. Really good. But recently I've become greedy and good has ceased to be good enough. I'm finding myself to be antsy, stressed out, jealous, and over-eager among other things. my problems are the good kind. The ones that stem from (too) many people wanting to see me, (too) many good things happening simultaneously, and (too) many great ideas bouncing around my brain. I've got great expectations of every experience suddenly and when the world isn't constantly laying out the red carpet for me, I'm disappointed - hurt, even at times. I suppose I need to get over myself. That's the real problem, my ego has inflated times a zillion and I need to get grounded before it's Hindenberg all over again. Perhaps the best thing to do would just be to stop worrying about it at all, to be content, and to expend my energy on more valuable pursuits.

I also need to drink more water and buy chapstick.

Happy almost December to all!



To any and all readers, I know I haven't been posting much. I was away for a month and now I really don't know what direction to take the blog in. I can't muster up blogworthy levels of enthusiasm for anything fashion-related right now. Perhaps it's the weather; but I'm more inclined to believe that it's mostly a result of the last month of my life being spent doing nothing but painting, drawing and spending time with friends. I think I'm going through a less fashion-oriented phase. I just don't care about it as much as I do other things at the moment. So maybe I'll post more music, or - when I get the chance to actually make some - more of my own art. (I'll probably post some of my stuff from the summer at some point. Because I'm rather narcissistic and a bit proud of a portion of it.)

Until I can pull myself together and focus long enough to post something substantial here, check out my Tumblr. It's more of a stream of consciousness than this, but that's about all I can handle right now.

- Aria


I would call myself many things before I'd call myself a fan of Agyness Deyn. However this spread from V magazine's fall issue is making me reconsider my stance on the matter. That and her really cool buzzcut that I'm insanely jealous of.

And my favorite shot:



Hablo demasiado,
Hablo demasiado y todas oyen.
Cuando estoy solo, todas oyen.
Oyen en sus corazones y sus mentes
En las partes más oscuros
Donde sólo las sombras van.
La luz no piensa a venir a este lugar.
Este lugar es donde sólo las sombras van.
Las sombras, que corren en las esquinas
que se ríen en la noche.
Hablo cuando las sombras --
Hablo donde las sombras --
Y todos oyen.
Las sombras, la gente que no está allí,
Y tú.


I'm reluctant to translate this, so I won't. (Except sombra translates to shadow in English) I found it when cleaning out my room and I liked it so here it is. I can translate it if anyone is dying to know what it says, but otherwise what you see is what you get. Obviously I'm no Neruda, but I try. OH, and please ignore any mistakes with accents on certain letters; I'm terrible with that.


So it begins...

SUMMER. Here's a playlist to start things off on the right foot:

Ready to Start - Arcade Fire
Take a Vacation! - The Young Veins
Summer Cum - Avi Buffalo
Dream City - Free Energy
Sink/Let It Sway - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Beach Boy - Buffalo Moon
Post Acid - Wavves

Unfortunately, doing these playlist posts is depleting my mix CD music arsenal. Oh well.


let them eat cake

*beware - if you care, this post contains nudity*

Acne Paper via Fashion Gone Rouge


Street Style #2

Because I wait around forever to do these, most of the street style pictures here are not fitting for the current weather in Southern California - or in most places for that matter. Regardless, here is a sampling of some of the looks I've been admiring recently.

(From left to right) 1. from Hanneli. I am so ashamed of myself - and I'm being brave by admitting it. I've fallen for the clogs trend. I told myself it wouldn't happen, but something changed for me along the way. I've been conditioned. And now I am lusting after the pictured Opening Ceremony clog-boots as well as everything from Swedish Hasbeens. Ugh.
2. Unfortunately, I found this photo so long ago that I don't recall where it was from. I'm guessing the Sartorialist? Anyway, he is perfect.
3. This is from Elle.com; Sort of a summery transition outfit. I like how she wore the American Apparel jacket; haven't seen many good outfits with that yet.
4. From FashionBitsandBobs; She works for American Apparel! So interesting to me; her style is so eccentric.
5. From the Sartorialist. She's only 5'1"! Doesn't she look taller? Anyway, her look is great.
7. From AltaMira. this is probably the only look here that would work in L.A. right now. It's getting super hot. I like this simple white tee + floral + boots look.
8. From Hanneli. Had to post this because of the sweater. Wantttttt.

So that's that. I haven't posted in a while so I felt it was fitting to do a little something with my free time. I've been struggling with the idea of doing outfit posts because seeing as there are very few people reading this, posting pictures of what I wear feels pretty narcissistic. I realize that the entire idea of having a blog could be said to be narcissistic as well, but the outfit posts.....I feel like it's on a different level. So I'll still do them, but only if its something so super great that I just have to share. Maybe I'll start posting what I wear to work! As I buy more stuff from AA, my work outfits are slowly but surely improving. I just bought these lovelies in sky blue for instance.

Well, I think I'll go lie down and watch some more Lost or something before i drift off into dreamland.

- A