As much as I like to crack jokes/gripe about the Canadian Tuxedo (i.e. denim shirt and blue jeans worn together), I had to try it out for myself. As you can see, the outfit was nothing special (I've been feeling pretty lazy, style-wise this week, with finals and everything.). I'm not sure if the shirt and jeans need to be the exact same wash or shade of blue for it to truly be a Canadian tuxedo, but what I wore didn't look all that bad. Behold:

I love my bright yellow socks! I don't consider myself a yellow sort of person, but I've been really into cuffing my jeans and having these guys peeking out from under them recently. It's kind of become my fallback when I'm feeling too lazy to put together a real outfit. Just slap on a sweater and goooo. Very convenient. I think I might invest in some more colored socks for this purpose. Also, you'll note that my dog, Nala, invaded my pictures. She wouldn't go away!

Well, that's pretty much it right now. Finals went well again today. After school I spent some time in Buster's, the coffee shop near my school, studying and drawing. I need to study for Chem and Spanish intensely tonight. Eh. And I need to do it fast because my dad's doing a Dolce & Gabbana commercial right now and we might go visit him on set, something I haven't gotten to do in like 4 years. Yayay. Plus - Dolce & Gabbana commercial? That could be pretty rad.

- Aria

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