Outfit post, not much more than that to blog about, unfortunately. I have yet to scour the internet for interesting things. So yeah. What I wore today:

faux leather jacket, forever 21// flannel, flea market// dress, American Apparel//boots, flea market

My poor, poor boot. The shoelace is so so broken. I refuse to let it stop me from wearing them, though. Even if it looks like crap.

Just bought this nail polish at Urban Outfitters the other day. It's brighter than I expected, but I like it. I need to paint my nails more often, and stop biting them. Once I do, I'm going to paint my nails all kinds of fantastic colors and wear a bunch of kick ass rings.

I look so tired. I kind of am. But I really need to do my homework. I'm trying to get all A's this semester; my desire to go to Columbia University has been rekindled and I reallllyyy need to step it up to make it happen. Wish me luck

- Aria

P.S. It's going to rain tomorrow! I'm going to try to do another rainy day playlist for it.

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