California English

It was really beautiful out today. Your perfect California weather. Not too hot, a nice breeze blowing here and there. I had to go to a luncheon with my family, and I actually liked what I wore, so I thought I'd do an outfit post. My mom found these old BCBG pants of hers last night and said I could have them. They were weirdly flared at the bottom , but I rolled them up and they became the perfect high-waisted trousers. And they're made of this brushed suede type of fabric. I'm kind of in love.

pants, BCBG // tank, AA // cardigan, Urban Outfitters // circle scarf, H&M // shoes, Steve Madden

After the luncheon, I went to work - my official second day - I bought the new lace t-shirt in white. I think I'm going to be obsessed with that for a while in addition to these pants. I want one in every single color.

I'm really exhausted. Who knew work could be so tiring. Tomorrow, we're doing another zine photoshoot (finally). Hope it goes well and we can finally get this thing put together!

I've got to get some rest. Just thought I'd do an outfit post since it's been a while since the last one.


  1. jesusfuck i was listening to 'california english' when i checked your blog...ahh the connections!
    p.s. likin' the pants. also excited about you working!