It's so great how things work out sometimes. After school today, my mom decided to stop by Salvation Army on our way home to see about donating some old furniture. So while she talked to the staff there, I wandered around, perusing the racks. And I found a fantastic camel coat! Observe:

It's not as long as I would have liked it to be. But it was only $8, so I'm really not going to complain. Plus, the short length makes it easier to wear to school. More casual and such. I'm really just ecstatic to finally have something camel other than my AA beret. I'll be wearing this coat constantly this fall!

As seen here, I like it best with the sleeves rolled up. It has a very nice golden silk (I think.) lining.

Disco Pants and t-shirt, AA//scarf and booties, flea market

Last thing - I bought this ring a few weeks ago at Forever 21 and I'm completely in love with it. I've worn it every day since. I wish Forever 21 would be more consistent in their awesomeness.

That's all there is to say, really. Homework time!

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  1. *gasp* Such a lovely, lovely coat!
    I love camel color. Can't wear it though.
    It looks good on you!