May Mix

Haven't posted in quite a while. I haven't been too extremely busy, just too lazy to sit down and put something together. Work is good. I've made money and spent it quickly. I finally got my cherry red Doc Martens. And I got into this summer visual arts program that I've been stressing about. I'm counting down the days till school ends. Everyone else seems to be getting out much earlier than my school. It really fucking sucks. Blerg.

Anyway, here is my May Music Mini Mix, a.k.a APUSH Procrastination Playlist.

Love You Madly - Cake (A kind-of-oldie but goodie)
Foolin' - Devendra Banhart (omnomnom devendra cut his hair. eeeee)
Thank You - Jay-Z
Of the Mountains - Dan Deacon
Juicy-R - Notorious B.I.G vs. The XX (Wait What mashup)
Soft as Chalk - Joanna Newsom


  1. Sometimes I forget just how much love I have for Devendra Banhart.
    Then I hear one of his songs. And I remember.