Street Style #2

Because I wait around forever to do these, most of the street style pictures here are not fitting for the current weather in Southern California - or in most places for that matter. Regardless, here is a sampling of some of the looks I've been admiring recently.

(From left to right) 1. from Hanneli. I am so ashamed of myself - and I'm being brave by admitting it. I've fallen for the clogs trend. I told myself it wouldn't happen, but something changed for me along the way. I've been conditioned. And now I am lusting after the pictured Opening Ceremony clog-boots as well as everything from Swedish Hasbeens. Ugh.
2. Unfortunately, I found this photo so long ago that I don't recall where it was from. I'm guessing the Sartorialist? Anyway, he is perfect.
3. This is from Elle.com; Sort of a summery transition outfit. I like how she wore the American Apparel jacket; haven't seen many good outfits with that yet.
4. From FashionBitsandBobs; She works for American Apparel! So interesting to me; her style is so eccentric.
5. From the Sartorialist. She's only 5'1"! Doesn't she look taller? Anyway, her look is great.
7. From AltaMira. this is probably the only look here that would work in L.A. right now. It's getting super hot. I like this simple white tee + floral + boots look.
8. From Hanneli. Had to post this because of the sweater. Wantttttt.

So that's that. I haven't posted in a while so I felt it was fitting to do a little something with my free time. I've been struggling with the idea of doing outfit posts because seeing as there are very few people reading this, posting pictures of what I wear feels pretty narcissistic. I realize that the entire idea of having a blog could be said to be narcissistic as well, but the outfit posts.....I feel like it's on a different level. So I'll still do them, but only if its something so super great that I just have to share. Maybe I'll start posting what I wear to work! As I buy more stuff from AA, my work outfits are slowly but surely improving. I just bought these lovelies in sky blue for instance.

Well, I think I'll go lie down and watch some more Lost or something before i drift off into dreamland.

- A

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