Had a good drawing day. I decided to try coloring in photoshop for the first time. I was very cautious with it as you can see, only did a few dashes of color here and there. But i think it turned out nicely overall. I'm going to continue to practice. Maybe eventually I can get a tablet or something. Take it to the next level, yo.

I used a photo from the winter UO catalog as inspiration for the girl's face. It doesn't really look much like her though. ANYWAY, it's late. Too many posts in one day for my own good. My only grievance with the final product here is her face came out looking kind of bruised instead of just shadowed? Whatever. Strong for a first try, I think.

Oh, also - I bought - well, my mom paid for it, so i guess she bought it. - the long sleeve American Apparel bodycon dress. Me gusta muchísimo. Got it in cranberry. Wearing it for Thanksgiving. Wooooiiii. Excitement. Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish off the outfit with some wedge boots. Wish me luck...

Night, A


  1. ahh i recognize her! did u know that her photoshoot was featured twice?

  2. in the UO catalog? Really? I did not know this.