I thought that i would be going out sometime during the day, but alas i am stranded at home. If i do go out, it will be too cold for the outfit i had on. But pictures anyway! I found this hat in my mom's closet when i was looking for my leggings that have mysteriously disappeared. It's super-duper 90s; but also perfect because I've been searching for a bowler hat and this one is a nice twist.

cutoffs, thrifted // crop top, American Apparel // leather booties, flea market // hat, mom's closet


  1. your hair looks gooooodd!
    you should wear it that way more chica :D

  2. thankyouu
    I'm going to! It's a gamble though, getting it to look like that. half the time it doesn't quite work out....

  3. your hair looks awesome aria =]
    i tried doing that once, but it got too frizzy =[

  4. thanks!! haha i use this stuff called Mixed Chicks. mine would be too frizzy without it too haha. You should try it!