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So today I dressed a tad bit masculine-y. Or androgynous. Whatever - I liked the outfit. My dad asked me if 'my style is changing', apparently he feels that I'm going for more of a 'rocker' look. I disagree though. My style really changes from day to day. And if i had to stick to one, I don't think it would be 'rocker'. But i found it interesting that my dad thought that. I value his opinion as far as fashion goes - the man's got a pretty good eye for design - so I'm taking it into consideration. I'm getting a bit ramble-y here...Moving on....
My mom and i went to this fair trade store yesterday and bought a bunch of stuff including this great compilation CD of Brazilian Lounge music. It's all I've been listening to this afternoon. It's inspired me to be proactive in my search for a summer program to do. Leaning towards one of those service/exploration abroad ones, preferably in Latin/South America or Nepal or something. Which reminds me, I am becoming obsessed with the idea of going to Cuba. I've been hearing some things from people about how amazing it is and I want so badly to see it for myself before it, as my Dad put it, 'turns into Miami." For now, I'll have to settle for finding a way to watch Soy Cuba (We only have it on VHS. Goddamned technological advancements!)

Well. That's all for now.

- A

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