I returned from my annual visit to La Jolla, CA this afternoon. Every year my family and I mini-road-trip it down there for this massive thanksgiving celebration. It's like 40-50 people every year and we eat and then people get out their instruments and there's this big jam session. Then we spend the weekend hanging out. Lots of fun. And I took a few pictures! (Mostly of the post-thanksgiving hanging out though. And mostly of the beach.)

And what i wore for thanksgiving dinner:

dress, AA // boots, flea market // oversized cardigan, goodwill

My mom told me that someone said that I looked 25 years old. I was seriously creeped out by this, but she said they meant it in a nice way? But I'm not certain that's possible. I'd much rather look my age or a maximum of like.....19. And why is this underlined? AGH. It won't go away.

When I got home, I went shopping with Robyn and got a really nice patterned sweater from the men's section of H&M. It's exactly what i've been looking for. Also got a replacement beanie for the one that I was wearing which looks like a yarmulke or something (because my head is so big). Success. All for $25.

- A


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  1. i dont love daniel, but one day im going to steal his romantic idea.