A few weeks ago my good friend Christine introduced me to this great artist, Meredith Dittmar. She does these pieces, dioramas are probably the most accurate word, with clay. I would love to be so talented and creative with sculpting. I have a great amount of respect for anyone who can make something out of clay; I really believe that it's probably the hardest visual art form there is. Creating something out of nothing like that? It fascinates me. Meredith Dittmar's work isn't like Michaelangelo status, but it has a design aspect that really appeals to me. I'd like to see her direct a music video with clay-mation. (A la the grizzly Bear "Ready, Able" video).

On that (artistic) note, I'm going to sign up for a saturday art class at Art center College for Design this spring. I can't decide what I'd rather do, some kind of drawing/painting, filmmaking, or fashion design. I think I'm going to end up signing up for two classes simply because I'm indecisive. But which two? Fashion has suddenly begun to appeal to me more in recent weeks. But drawing would be so useful...I have a lot of pondering to do.

Some Meredith Dittmar for you....

[images via Fecal Face]

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