My goodness, I haven't blogged in forever. My internet has been completely kaput for....almost 3 weeks now. I'm doing this from my dad's computer. Since I last posted I've done a lot of shopping and went to mammoth, had a nice christmas (getting doc martens!) Too much to post about all at once. So for now, I'll just focus on one thing - street style! Sort of! Whatever. It's my goal to add a street-style component to this blog. Especially because I have yet to find a decent one featuring Los Angeles alone. I'm sure L.A. fashion can't be as bad as they say. So first post: My good friend, Maddie:

Maddie found this amazing vintage, fur-collared coat in Squaresville and went back and forth about buying it for a good hour. But finally, she went with her gut. I hope she can find somewhere to wear it, fur and all.

And while we're talking jackets, I absolutely love the men's peacoat she's got on. So nice and baggy.

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