Last night when doing my bi-weekly Oh My Rockness check-in, I discovered that Girls was doing a show at Space 15 Twenty as part of the festivities in honor of their one year anniversary. I had been very depressed because Saturday night - tonight - they were doing a show at the Troubadour which sold out before i could buy tickets. So I was absolutely thrilled to hear about this. So I told my friends and made a plan and we went. They were really good live! The show itself was a little bit boring though, probably because it was daytime, outside, and no one was dancing. Some people were texting and the energy was pretty low overall. But I enjoyed it. Then we grabbed a snack in the cafe - way overpriced by the way - and then went to shop. I didn't buy anything. I think I'm going to add "urban outfitters gift card" to my christmas list and cross my fingers in hopes that I'll get to go back and do some shopping there. It's 10x better than my local Urban Outfitters. After that, we stopped at Phillipe's for sandwiches. I'd never had it, but it was veryy tasty.

I didn't get many pictures at the show. I was going to take some street style pictures but didn't really have the guts. Gotta work on that.

My friend Christine came back to my house with me after the show and i lent her two bags worth of my clothes in exchange for a belt and a skirt. So much of my stuff looked better on her. Very depressing. But I'm excited to see how she wears the stuff. Some of it's really great and I just haven't had a chance to wear it. I was veryyy generous with my wardrobe. I told her she had to take pictures when she wore the stuff. And I'm going to encourage her to post it on her blog.

As for the rest of the night, I'm just home...chillin'....I should probably catch up on some homework. There's a showing of An Education at around 10 pm that I might go to with my mom. Fun stuff, guys! Pretty great day overall though.

- A

PS. I have this goal, mostly with Robyn, to go to at least one concert every month. So far, since the school year has begun, we've been successful! September - Arctic Monkeys, October - No Age/Eagle Rock Music Festival, November - Vampire Weekend, December - Girls. Go us!

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