Aren't these shoes cool? They're by Osborn Design Studios (photos via their online shop) and they're free trade shoes. There's not much information on the site as to what this actually means as far as the production of the shoes, but it sure sounds good. They're made of cotton and/or felt and I think that the floral jazz shoes pictured above may be velvet. Anyway, recently I've been into the idea of getting some shoes like these. Or something similar such as some Tom's - which are admittedly much more economical - or some vegan shoes or something. Partially because they're cute and partially because I do have some social and environmental consciousness. And I bought a vintage rabbit fur coat at Aardvark's for Halloween and I need to cancel that out. (Jokes.)

So which of these should I ask for for Christmas? I'm thinking about the bottom left. I can't decide what I'd rather have, these shoes or Dr. Martens. Because each of them cost just above $100, so I highly doubt that my parents would spring for both. Oh, the dilemmas of consumerism!

- A

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  1. get the bottom left. i personally would get the style of the bottom left with the pattern of the bottom right if they had that available.


    lol @ it choosing the justdandy blog thing as my name tag