work boots, flea market // knee socks, UO// cutoffs, flea market // cardigan, mom's // circle scarf, H&M

It's finally Friday! I am so relieved; this week felt like it would never end. Now for a weekend of relaxation. So, this is what i wore today, pretty casual. Whatevsss.

I'm currently working on some mix cd's for all of my friends for christmas. I'm making it a big project. Get excited, you guys.


These might be my favorite comfortable shoes that I own. my all time favorites are my brown Bandolino ankle boots but they're a tad...pinchy. These, however, are comfy and cool. And very useful for ass-kicking. that, of course, is merely speculation.

My little brother just put on Phineas and Ferb. Has anyone ever watched that show? It's actually really good. And not even in a guilty pleasure way. The humor is really smart and there's some really good original music on it. You should check it out! (And not laugh at me.) And speaking of smart comedy. The Office and 30 Rock last night were AMAZING. I laughed so hard that I cried watching Tina Fey try to do her talk show promo. Best physical humor I've seen in a very long time. And then the Office, Oh mannn. It was a total throwback to the earlier seasons, the unbearable awkwardness of it. Man oh man oh mannn. So good.

Thursday night es el mejor!!!

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