Back from the Rose Bowl. Gooood shopping day! But more on that later. First - Street style. I kind of forgot to get the names of the people or the details on their outfit. But since this is the inaugural post, we'll let that slide, mk?

Christine and Doug. These are not strangers. They are OCHSA hipster kids/goodfriend-and-boyfriend-of-my-good-friend. ANYWAY. They are matching. Unintentionally. But they still looked very, very awesome.

Christine pulls off the canadian tuxedo quite well, I'd say.

And here we have Robyn who claimed that her outfit was not good today. But i love her military shirt so whatever.

I wish I'd found some more guys to take pictures of, to balance out the post. But that didn't really work out. Oh well. On to purchases! I was really looking for a brown leather jacket today but i couldn't find one that I liked. but I did manage to get some black ankle boots.

And another cable knit sweater. I can't stop buying them! This one is super soft, cozy, and the perfect length though.And not tooo thick.

I also got three really nice scarves for $1 each. Quite a good sunday morning. Oh! and we saw Joel Madden at the flea market. So random. Anyway, homework/food time. Adios.

- A

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