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It was really cold this morning so I threw on my peacoat. I used to be obsessed with it this time last year, but I barely wear it anymore. When I do, I feel bad because it really is such a good staple coat. I vow to wear it more often. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so maybe....Also, this scarf is my new favorite accessory. It has these adorable wild geese printed on it. I only realized this this morning but it makes me very happy.


It seems like all anyone can talk about at school is winter formal. Winter formal this, winter formal that. I've pretty much decided that I'm not going (due to lack of a date for the evening). But all the taaaalk, it makes me second guess my decision. I feel like i should go, or want to, but I can't muster up the enthusiasm. Maybe if I make some plans for that night, it will be easier to stop going back and forth.


I just joined tumblr the other day and I'm kind of already addicted to it. So follow me ya'lls.

- A

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