Happy new year everyone! 2010 is already off to a damn good start, I think.

Yesterday, I helped my mom move offices and she decided to get rid of this 1970s desk that was taking up much-needed space. So we drove down to Salvation Army to drop it off and there just so happened o be a 50% off on everything sale. So we went in - it was teeming with people - and i ran around grabbing stuff. I ended up getting a two shirts, a great cardigan, adorable denim shorts, and a brown leather belt - for when Christine takes hers back from me. All this for $10.72. Cramazing.

I'm starting to buy things for spring. Which means no. More. Sweaters. It's been an obsession of mine, searching for sweaters on Etsy. But it ends now. I think I may have over 10 sweaters in my closet right now. And I don't even wear all of them. It seems to be warming up out here in southern California, so I think it's time to springify my wardrobe. EXCEPT, I was at my parents' friends' house and I inherited this raaaad black faux fur coat. I have to get the sleeves let out a little because my arms are so long. But the coat is awesome. And then I also got this long-ish leather jacket. That one is rather hard to explain. When I think long, leather jacket, I think of the Matrix. This is not a Matrix coat. Anyway, I need some heeled boots to go with it now! Especially because apparently we are going to New York for spring break now? Yayayayay. I'm going to lose my mind. Need to save money for Topshop. Andandnand the H&Ms that are 10x better than here andand kfjdafja.

I've just realized how crazy and shopping-obsessed I sound. Yikes. I can't say it's an inaccurate portrayal. Bleh.

- Aria

P.S. American Apparel nail polish line. So many colors! Divine! I need to stop biting my nails. :O

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