Hedi Slimane, I don't think I've seen anything he's done that isn't beautiful.

(Love the bear-head.)

Sunday, I went to the mall (meh.) and bought the new issue of V magazine at Borders. I'm trying to buy more magazines, so I can start collaging again once finals are over. And I'm trying to find a new magazine since I will no longer be subscribing to Nylon. I also - finally - bought the new Vampire Weekend album, Contra. It's the first album - and hard copy - that I've paid for in maybe a year. And it's sosososososo good - well worth the $10. I've been listening to it nonstop, something that I rarely do. Usually, I get music and just integrate it into my day-to-day playlist, not really focusing on it. But I can't stop playing Contra over and over and over. This morning, on the way to school, White Sky came on the radio and I got this burst of energy. (Of course, it wore off right as I sat down to take my math final. Go figure.) Anyway, it's an amazing album. To say that they have avoided the sophomore slump would be a massive understatement.


2 more days of finals left! And then thursday afternoon I have a job interview (at American Apparel!). Then friday, I'm most likely going to Chinatown in the afternoon with Robyn, Maddie, and Carmen. Very excited! I've been wanting to check out the Cheap Monday Choose Chinatown store for ages. And I can get some more random bracelets because my wrist is feeling very bare these days....

- Aria

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