I was in Borders today, browsing the art section and I came across this book of paintings/sketches by Egon Schiele. I'm not as art-savvy as I wish I were, and I don't know how well-known Schiele is, but I was completely taken by his work. I'd never heard of him before. Ever. He was apparently Gustav Klimt's prodigy or something and seemed to spend most of his time moving around Europe and hooking up with local girls and using them as his models. He even got put in jail for supposedly "seducing" some under-age girl; they confiscated all his paintings and drawings for it and he spent like three days in jail.

Anyway, enough about his moderate badassery. Schiele died when he was only 28, three days after his wife, but while he was alive he created some amazing artwork. I really love his style; it feels very modern for his time (early 20th century). The drawing below (on the right) looks like a sketch of an American Apparel ad or something. Hah.
So I really want to get that book of his work that I saw. But buying art books scares me. Such an investment. So maybe not. I thought about getting a print or something when I get some more money, or a calendar. But most of his work, while awesome, is of naked people. And I'm not sure hanging that on my wall will thrill my parents..."but Mom, it's art!" My parents are pretty liberal, art-appreciating people, but everyone's got a breaking point.

More Schiele for your viewing pleasure:

I think I'm going to go draw now; I'm feeling inspired. Just got some pens that turn everything I attempt to put on paper to gold. Got the Midas touch mu'fucka!

- A

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