I've got this chronic fear of vapidity when I'm attempting to write a blog. But at the same time, I'm not exactly down with baring my soul for all of the internet to see - regardless of my lack of readers. I don't want the world to know my problems or insecurities. But I don't want to appear as though all I care about is what i wear to school every day, or what I've bought on my most recent shopping trip either! It seems, though, that these are the only blogworthy occurrences in my life these days, so I'm left with a blog that reeks of shopaholic-ism. I desperately need a happy medium! If I made more time for creative writing, making movies, painting, drawing, playing guitar, etc. etc. maybe I wouldn't be so worried. I could post about those things! But here I am, blogging about having nothing to blog about instead of getting my homework done to make time for things worth blogging about. I'm quite the little genius with all this logic of mine.

Onward! With another outfit post :/

cable knit sweater, scarf, shoes; flea market // leggings, forever 21 // hat, h&m

My spanish teacher, who is pretty cool as far as spanish teachers go (i.e. vegetarian, basically only watches indie movies, enjoys philosophical tangents in the middle of class etc. etc.) liked my scarf very much. I came into class and he was all, "Ah, Juana, I like your scarf. You look very nice today." So, thanks Señor W.; I concur!

So, first rainy day of the new year. Huzzah. Except the rain didn't even last till noon....? It's supposed to rain all next week though. Yayness.

And in closing, a short selection of my favorite songs at the moment.

Beauty Mark - Charlotte Gainsbourg
For a Little While - Langhorne Slim
I Only Have Eyes for You - Billie Holiday
Diplomat's Son - Vampire Weekend (!!!!)
Redemption Song - Johnny Cash (Just saw Walk the Line for the first time. Johnny Cash obsession has begun.)
When I'm with You - Best Coast

- A

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