This week has been pretty quiet. Nothing worth blogging about - obviously, as I haven't posted in the past few days. I've pretty much just spent my time trying to start the semester off on the right foot, but only kinda sorta actually succeeding. Meh. Tomorrow is Robyn's birthday party. Pretty much what I've been waiting for all week. We're going to First Friday at the Natural History Museum. Yeasayer is performing and I predict it shall be rad. And then Saturday there's a Vivian Girls/Best Coast concert that my mom said i couldn't go to but now says I can and I reallyreallyreallyreally hope I go. Christine is supposed to be going except her dad heard the music and hated it so now she might not....? Cross your fingers for me! Sunday there's another Vivian Girls/Best Coast show but No Age is also playing. This weekend has such potential!!

So, today started off pretty warm, but the weather turned pre-stormy as the day went on. I was very thankful for this sweater (But glad that it didn't start raining because my shoes would have been ruined and that would be pretty upsetting.)

You can't really see it, but I'm wearing this gold horse necklace that I recently rediscovered. I bought it in 8th or 9th grade in an inexplicable moment of good judgement. I loved it then, and I love it today.

Favorite shoes in the world. Obviously.

blue suede shoes, UO//leggings, Forever 21//striped tank, pacsun men's section//cable knit grandpa sweater, flea market

Fashion week is coming uppppp. I'm really excited. I kind of stopped paying attention to the runway for a little bit - like for most of the last year and a half. I think I started getting more into it towards the end of last school year. Before that I was sort of wrapped up in making sure I had my finger on the pulse of the music world. But recently - partially because of the fact that i don't have to wear a uniform to school anymore - fashion has taken the spotlight in my life, so I'm really eager to see what the designers have got in store. Don't think much homework will be getting done that week.....Kidding. Hah hah....Anyway, I really wish I could just be in New York during fashion week. Just to be near it. (That sounds so sad. But it's true!) I would be content with seeing the tents from afar, even.

Spring break will have to do, I suppose.

Well, homework time. This was a really unsubstantial post. I'm sure I'll have something interesting to write about after this weekend though! yeasayerandmaybevivangirlsbestcoastandnoageyayayayay.

- A

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  1. i like the grandpa sweater and shirt togehter, i would never think of pairing that but it looks good