Scanned from sketchbooks:

Kind of a quick-study/sketch-thing. I wanted to do a painting of this one picture in an old issue of Nylon. But , as you can see, it went in a very different direction. Question for the viewer: Are the eyes closed? Or just sightless, irisless, pupil-less voids? I was scared to paint detail on the eyes because I was worried I would mess it up. But my dad saw the painting and thought the eyes were just closed. I left it like this because I liked the ambiguity.

Some doodling with watercolors (read: watered-down acrylics) added:

(Excuse the "penis nose" note there. I have a tendency to write little notes when I'm dissatisfied with things I draw...)

- A


  1. You painted that?? It's wonderful, I thought they were blind eyes, but it's cool how you can see it differently. You have some serious talent

    and great blog!

  2. i thought the eyes were closed but then when you said the thing about them being blank i saw that too..crazy.
    i like, i like.