So apparently that post I did with all the music a few days ago somehow infringes on some copyright law? Wonderful how out of all the blogs in the world, I get a notice telling me to take it down when there are thousands of blogs posting mp3s daily. Awesome.

I've been pretty annoyed with myself for the past few months for not really writing at all. Ever. Last year I was writing every weekend - because I was in a creative writing class and had to, but at least I was doing it - but I haven't really gotten past writing a few lines of anything since around mid-summer if even that recently. I've got a lot of ideas, but I haven't been making anything of them. So this is just a short....it's not even a full on piece. Just a short something that I wrote a bit ago when I was bored in study hall or something like that.

Around us, the earth seemed to shake. It was truly only the momentum and antiquity of the train car combined; but we preferred to romanticize it. And thus the earth trembled under the weight of the gaze held between us. It folded under the tension. The cord of sanity and reason that threatened to snap with every brush of our pant legs. You tore your eyes from mine and contemplated the sunset, its gentle purple, lulling the world into a deep slumber. It was beautiful but I wanted your eyes back on me. I wanted your full attention, wanted that heaviness of the moment to return. But mostly I wanted to search your dark eyes for any sign that maybe this wasn’t a game after all. Something that would tell that right here, right now was what mattered most.

FYI, I don't think I'm ever going to get around to posting about my trip to San Francisco. I'm way too busy to sit down and do that right now. It was very nice and I loved Berkeley and I saw a lot of cool places and the bay area has the best vintage/thrift store selection I've seen. The End.

Today, I chose my classes for next year. I'm taking -- as if anyone is interested:

AP Environmental Science
AP English Lit
AP Government
Economics/Health (each is one semester)
AP Studio Art
Spanish 7/8 (aka spanish 4)

I'm so excitedededdd. Senior year is going to be great. And notice - No math! My counselor said that my schedule is so AP heavy that I don't need to worry about the math thing. Especially if i know I want to go into the humanities. yesss.

ALSO - I'm starting my job at American Apparel on Friday!! Not much else to say about that. Except that I am super excited.

I think I'm going to do a music post this weekend if time allows. We shall see.

- A

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