So simple and yet so entertaining. I think I've posted about the Drums quite a few times; I really like this band. They don't take seem to take themselves too seriously and they make music that is, quite simply, fun. They've attracted quite a lot of haterz though, which I find sad. People complain so much about shitty bands getting hype, and the "music blog machine" creating stars etc. etc. if a band gets too big too quickly it's like BAM! Half the internet hates them. The comments on stereogum about them are about 95-90% negative, most of them condemning them for writing a song about surfing and claiming to hail from Brooklyn? And the fact that the above video is - admittedly - an imitation of british new wave. Why must people analyze music to death? There is such a big stink about these minute details. In my opinion, there is just as much of a place for The Drums in the music world as there is for Dirty Projectors or Joanna Newsom or whatever "indie" band/artist anyone claims as their favorite. Whatever.

I guess haterz will alwayz be hatin'. So it goes.

download the song: Best Friend - The Drums [right click to download]

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  1. i really enjoyed that video...the guy dancing around was so amusing.