Oh hey there.

Life is good. Really good. But recently I've become greedy and good has ceased to be good enough. I'm finding myself to be antsy, stressed out, jealous, and over-eager among other things. my problems are the good kind. The ones that stem from (too) many people wanting to see me, (too) many good things happening simultaneously, and (too) many great ideas bouncing around my brain. I've got great expectations of every experience suddenly and when the world isn't constantly laying out the red carpet for me, I'm disappointed - hurt, even at times. I suppose I need to get over myself. That's the real problem, my ego has inflated times a zillion and I need to get grounded before it's Hindenberg all over again. Perhaps the best thing to do would just be to stop worrying about it at all, to be content, and to expend my energy on more valuable pursuits.

I also need to drink more water and buy chapstick.

Happy almost December to all!


  1. Completely understandable.

    By the way, chapstick is entirely too addictive. Just a heads up.

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