Ladies and Gentlemen, The much-anticipated, Bruce Weber-directed video for YSL. It contains some not-so-brief nudity, so consider yourself warned:

I think my favorite part is the models wrestling in YSL suits and lip-synching. Fantastic. Also, Weber used one of my current favorite quotes as I've been obsessed with Johnny Cash's rendition of "Me and Bobby McGee" as of late. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

I've been checking out the Fall '10 menswear shows all afternoon, so I'm about to do a lengthy post on that. Prepare for some gushing. I've also got some editorial and lookbook (not the website) stuff taking up space on my computer that needs sharing. Friday night blogging fever y'all! Stay tuned.

- A

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  1. I love it when they're holding the baby. So adorable!

    The words/subtitles were really distracting for me, though.