A retrospective (of sorts)

So this weekend, I am going to take the time to blog about how incredibly eventful last weekend was. Let us begin.

Friday I did nothing. Saturday, however, there was a Street Food Fair at LA Center Studios downtown. All the food trucks and stands from around L.A. set up there and for the price of $5 you could go and then pay more money to stuff your face. So, my family and I drove down there, through this lovely tunnel and through the various lovely areas of L.A. -

And upon arriving, saw this -

The line to get in stretched down the block, around it, through the parking lot, down another block...There had to have been at least 1000 people out there. No joke. So my dreams of tacos and burgers and possible slushies were crushed. We hopped back in the car and decided to go to Wurstkuche, this amazing and wonderful sausage restaurant in the gallery district. Except we got there and everyone who couldn't get into the street food fair was lined up to get a sausage. I almost cried. So then we ended up at El Cholo back in Pasadena. Lunchtime-Adventure-Fail. But I had mexican food for the third time that week -


(Shirley Temples are my all time favorite soda-drink.)

So then I went home and Maddie picked me up and we went to Carmen's house to prepare for Zombie Prom. Which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. But it was a concert, not a real dance. ANYWAY, the bands were pretty decent. It was an incredibly long concert though. But the epic ending made it pretty alright -

Saint Motel Thai Guy.

So THEN, Sunday I was supposed to go to the flea market. But that didn't happen. But then I went to my parents' friend's house in, like, Mt. Washington and got to hang out with some kids who were visiting from England. Which I enjoyed immensely - not only because I am something of an Anglophile, but they were actually really fun. Hopefully if I, with or without my family, get to visit England I can pay them a visit. Anyway, so Spin the Bottle was that night and Christine and I were going to go but we ended up staying home blah blah blah fast forward to Monday! We did a photoshoot! I don't want to sit around blogging about the details because that will make the finished product less exciting, I think. But it was highly successful, and we really enjoyed it and everyone involved was so great; we had a top notch team out there. Can't wait to get them edited and finish the project. I'm making a little behind the scenes video that I will post here at some point. But here's a candid shot -

Many thanks to Maddie for being such a trooper/model.

And finally - What I wore to school today -

seersucker blazer, scarf, booties flea market // shirt, UO // jeans, Forever 21

Whew. That was looonnnggg. I will be very impressed if any one reads that entire thing.

- Aria

P.S. today was the talent show at school and these kids did a kickass cover of 'Home' by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Made. My. Day.

P.P.S. Anyone ever notice how adorable Joaquin Phoenix is in Signs?? Good for him. (And me. The happy - albeit terrified - viewer)


  1. I'm thinking you ought to be proud of me right now, as I read that whole thing. Sounds like fun, that's for sure. I can't wait to see the photoshoot!

  2. you're very welcome!
    ahahahha trooper. THATS ME. :D
    i feel so loved.

  3. oh god signs was one of the scariest movies ive ever seen! congrats on making it through *high five moment!*

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